Code & Complaints

Code & Complaints


Content broadcast on commercial radio stations in Australia is regulated by the Commercial Radio Code of Practice (the Code). The Code covers areas such as material not suitable for broadcast, news and current affairs, Australian music, live hosted entertainment and the promotion of gambling during live sports.  
The Code provides a process through which a listener may make a formal complaint to a station asserting a breach of the Code. The complaints process is set out in Section 10 of the Code. 

Under the Code, complainants should first contact the station.  A complainant who is not satisfied with the response it receives from the station may refer the matter to the Australian Communications and Media Authority for resolution.  Under the Code, complaints relating to advertising, other than complaints under Section 4 (identifiability of advertising material) and Section 9 (gambling and betting odds), should be sent to the Advertising Standards Bureau (

The Code does not cover complaints relating to material that is not broadcast, such as online content or content that is simulcast or podcast.
A copy of the Code can be accessed here - Commercial Radio Code of Practice

Commercial radio stations also observe Guidelines relating to issues such as the portrayal of indigenous Australians, portrayal of women, suicide and mental illness and domestic violence. A copy of the Guidelines can be accessed here

Please note that Commercial Radio Australia has no role in the complaints process and cannot take or process any complaints from listeners regarding content on commercial radio stations. 

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