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Alcoholics Anonymous ads make clean sweep of round two - 2012 Sirens

Both a single ad and also a campaign for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), created by agency, Gatecrasher Advertising in Perth, has made a clean sweep of round two Sirens 2012 winning all four categories – single, campaign, overall and craft.

The single ad, called “Mummy”, won the overall, single, and craft categories. It was also one of three ads in the AA campaign, called “AA Campaign”, which took out the campaign category.

The ads, written by Des Hameister, are very confronting about the effects of alcohol on everyday situations. Des Hameister said about the ads: “At the end of the day, alcoholics don’t just hurt themselves. And this spot empathises with that fact in an impactful way.”

He said his inspiration for the ads was: “The insight that alcoholics don’t need to be told they’ve got a problem, they simply need to know that there’s a solution.” Des said keeping things simple and single-minded was the most important thing to remember when creating an effective radio commercial.

The ad “Mummy” also won the craft category and was produced by sound engineer, Marty Braine from production studio, Brainestorm in Perth.

Highly commended in the single category were three ads: “Co-worker”, also part of the AA campaign, as well as an ad for Coopers Premium Light called “Coopers Legend of Light – Glen Richards “, written by Steve Williss from agency, kwp! Advertising in Adelaide. The third ad that was highly commended in the single category was for the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia – Youth Road Safety. It was called “Lose you're licence and your screwed - Booty Call” and was written by Matt O'Grady, Amy Weston and Dave Lawson from agency, Clemenger BBDO in Adelaide.

Two ads were highly commended in the campaign category. They were “You're not listening “ for the Office of Road Safety  in Perth, written by Emma Clowes, Dav Tabeshfar, Richard Berney and Liam Riddler  from agency 303 Group in Perth. And “Boring, Clive, Eric & Life” for client, CD Dodd, scrap metal recyclers, which was written by Steve Brown from agency, Brainestorm.

Highly commended in the craft category were three ads: “Jen” part of the AA campaign, produced by sound engineer, Marty Braine from production studio, Brainestorm in Perth as well as an ad for Edith Cowen University called “ECU Mix 2”, produced by sound engineer,  Nick Gallagher from production studio, 303 Group in Perth and an ad called “Glen Richards” for Coopers Premium Light, produced by sound engineer,  Ralph van Dijk  from production studio, Eardrum along with Steve Hessell from Plush Films.
The national Siren Awards are run by Commercial Radio Australia and are designed to recognise the best radio advertising in the country.

For more information, please contact Melissa Fleming (Media Manager) at melissa.fleming@commercialradio.com.au or 02 9281 6577.


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