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Digital radio sales & listening figures continue to rise

Digital radio sales and listening figures recorded a significant rise with 94,655 DAB+ digital radio devices sold in the third quarter of 2012*, bringing the total number sold since the 2009 launch to over 1 million (1002,966), in addition listening figures from Survey 7 show 1.336 million people are now listening via a DAB+ device each week**.

The third quarter figure for 2012, which includes the months of July, August and September, featured the all of industry national outside broadcast event to celebrate three years of digital radio, plus the Father’s Day retail cycle. The 94,655 digital radios sold in Q3 2012, is the highest this year up from 74,991 in Q2 2012.  The largest number of digital radios sold in one quarter was recorded in Q4 2011 with 141,384 radios sold.

Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer, Joan Warner said: “Digital radio sales continue to climb despite a tough retail climate.  The industry advertises digital radio on radio and it demonstrates advertising on radio works.” 

Official Nielsen radio survey results for metropolitan Survey 7, 2012, show that nearly 1.336 million people are listening to digital radio each week in the five state capitals.  Time Spent Listening (TSL) to radio via a DAB+ digital radio device is 12 hours; double that of TSL to radio via the internet.

Bose and Blaupunkt recently joined the digital radio market and there are now 140 different DAB+ digital radio devices on sale in Australia from more than 1000 retail outlets plus online.

Although not counted in the sales of digital radio devices, the industry has made significant inroads with Australian vehicle manufacturers.  Land Rover and Mercedes recently announced DAB+ digital radio was now available as an option in a number of models.  They join Toyota, Lexus and Hino who offer DAB+ as standard in selected models and Audi and BMW with DAB+ as an option.

The industry recently put forward to the Federal Government a cost effective funding proposal for the rollout of digital radio to regional markets. 

Ms Warner said: “Digital radio has been an outstanding success in the metropolitan markets and regional radio broadcasters are keen to offer their listeners the benefits of DAB+ digital radio.

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*GfK Markestcope Report Q3  2012.
**Source: The Nielsen Company Radio Ratings, Survey #7, 2012  All People 10+. Mon-Sun 12:00 am to 12 am.

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