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Media Release

Media Release

CRA Brand Campaign radio ad wins silver at London International Awards

The winners of advertising's London International Awards have been announced, with the Commercial Radio Australia brand campaign ad “Trust” created by Ralph van Dijk from Eardrum winning silver (ad attached).  The ad received great feedback from listeners via email and social media and the judges agreed. 

The “Dumb Ways to Die” campaign, featuring the 2013 Gold Siren winning ad “Set Fire to Your Hair”, has continued its domination at the London International Awards winning three awards and the agency McCann Melbourne also named the LIA Agency of the Year.

Ralph van Dijk and the Eardrum team also produced the Grand LIA winning campaign and was responsible for producing the Perth Zoo campaign, which won Bronze for The Brand Agency, Perth. An ad, 'Squirrel Monkey', from that campaign won the first round of the 2014 Sirens in the craft category.

For more information, please contact Melissa Fleming (Media Manager) at melissa.fleming@commercialradio.com.au or 02 9281 6577.


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