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Swan Hill radio survey released today

Results from the first radio industry audience measurement survey in the Victorian region of Swan Hill in six years will be released today. This follows the development and introduction of a new cost effective industry approved standard for radio audience measurement surveys in regional areas outside of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra and Newcastle markets.

Local Swan Hill commercial radio stations Mixx FM and 3SH commissioned Xtra Research to carry out the survey, which involved over 600 respondents and was conducted 27 October – 9 November 2014. The survey will also include results for the ABC.

Mark Taylor from ACE Broadcasters said: “This first survey release for Mixx FM and 3SH in six years is an exciting time, following on from 2AY in Albury in June this year. Being armed with research is invaluable when approaching advertisers and this new measurement system has made it viable once again for smaller regional markets.”

Surveys for the Victorian markets of Horsham, Hamilton and Colac will follow in the coming weeks, with Hobart to be released tomorrow, being the first radio ratings survey in 12 years for the market. Earlier in 2014, regional surveys using the approved industry regional survey standard have also been conducted in the markets of Wollongong and Albury.

Radio industry body Commercial Radio Australia announced the new radio research protocol for regional licence areas outside the main GfK Radio Audience Measurement contract late last year to allow more regular and less expensive research. Under the new system, regional radio stations can commission one of four approved regional ratings survey providers to undertake audience measurement surveys in conjunction with other commercial and public broadcasters in their licence area. 

Commercial Radio Australia, chief executive officer, Joan Warner said: “We’re pleased to announce these latest survey results and as our regional members utilise this valuable and cost-effective research option, more will follow. Radio audience measurement survey results are recognised by the industry and advertisers alike as an important tool for proving the benefits of radio as an effective platform in a complex and competitive ad market.”

The Swan Hill regional survey results will be available from 10.00am AEDT on the Radio. It’s a Love Thing website.

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