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Shepparton radio ratings to be released

Radio ratings for the agricultural and manufacturing town of Shepparton in northern Victoria will be released today.   Local stations 3SR and Star FM will be part of the first survey to be released in fifteen years. 

“Shepparton is a major regional commercial and shopping centre for the Greater Shepparton area and this research will provide advertisers and stations with important insight,” said Joan Warner, chief executive officer of industry body Commercial Radio Australia. 

Shepparton is a vital link in Australia’s food processing and exporting business and the local commercial radio stations are an central part of the community.  

Commercial Radio Australia introduced a new system for regional radio ratings from 2014, which allows smaller radio markets to undertake more regular, reliable and cost effective audience measurement.  Shepparton is one of 19 key regional centres to be surveyed since the introduction of the new system.

The survey was conducted by Xtra Research and the results will be available on the Radio It’s A Love Thing website from 10am AEST.

Media contact: Melissa Fleming – 0417 499 529.


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