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Growth continues in May for metro radio markets

The commercial radio advertising market has recorded growth across all metropolitan markets in May up 4.23%, compared to the same month last year, to a total of $67.845 million, according to figures sourced by Deloitte and released today by industry body Commercial Radio Australia (CRA).

The 2016 Metropolitan Commercial Radio Advertising Revenue figures show that all five metropolitan markets recorded growth in May.  Melbourne recorded a strong month up 6.19% to a total of $21.060 million; Brisbane was also up by 4.79% to $10.798 million; Perth recorded growth of 4.42% to $9.048 million; Adelaide was up 2.76% to $6.146 million and Sydney was up 2.38% to $20.793 million.

CRA chief executive officer, Joan Warner said: “Radio’s cost effectiveness and efficiency at getting a message out quickly is seeing growth, as we head towards the end of the financial year.”

The growth in May took total revenue for the five markets for 11 months of the financial year to $700. 460 million, up 5.88% on the same period in 2014/15.

For the 11 months ending in May, Adelaide stations showed growth of 10.54% to $65.040 million, Melbourne was up 6.28% to $214.723 million; Perth increased by 5.50% to $96.617 million; Sydney stations were up 5.17% to $214.562 million and Brisbane stations rose by 4.24% to $109.520 million.

The Deloitte figures report actual revenue received by metropolitan commercial radio stations and include all metropolitan agency and direct revenue.

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