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Growth in radio revenue for August

Metropolitan commercial radio ad revenue has recorded an increase in August up 4.36% to $65.565 million with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth showing growth compared to August 2015.  
According to the 2016 Metropolitan Commercial Radio Advertising Revenue, as sourced by Deloitte, Perth was up 7.85% to $8.865 million, Melbourne increased by 7.17% to $20.699 million, Brisbane was up 5.92% to $10.161 million, Sydney rose 1.80% to $19.995 million and Adelaide was down 3.55% to $5.845 million.
Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said: “Metropolitan commercial radio has achieved positive revenue growth in August and continues to perform in a sensitive market.”
The two months of the 2016 – 2017 financial year resulted in growth in Melbourne up 2.51% to $39.357 million, and an increase in Brisbane up 1.42% to $19.712 million and slight growth in Perth up 0.75% to $16.561 million.  Sydney was down 0.60% for the two months to $38.335 million and Adelaide was down 7.31% to $11.019 million.  Growth overall for the five states for the two months was .21% to $124.985 million.  
The Deloitte figures report actual revenue received by metropolitan commercial radio stations and include all metropolitan agency and direct revenue.
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