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Insights into trends in the travel industry

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) and Presslaff Interactive Revenue have released the seventh in the series of Finding Consumer Trend (FCT) reports, offering insights into the lifestyle interests and buying intentions of regional radio listeners.
The latest survey, on trends in the travel industry, involved more than 2300 listeners from across Australia and reveals listeners’ preferences and interests when booking and planning travel. 
The online survey was conducted between 22 May and 12 June and includes data on how listeners book their travel, what type of travel they are interested in and how much they are likely to spend on their next holiday. 
Radio networks use the results in the report to learn what’s important to audiences, and when approaching advertisers in the travel industry, help them to create focused and highly effective marketing campaigns.
“Australians love to travel and the insights into the views of radio listeners on their preferences, gives stations and advertisers a better understanding of what is relevant for the audience, explained, Joan Warner, chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia.

Each quarter a new report is provided to assist stations and networks better understand their listeners’ attitudes towards a selected category.   The first FCT survey released in 2014 focused on the automotive category and listeners’ vehicle purchase intentions, other surveys have included; grocery-buying habits, insurance providers, grocery buyers, holiday gift giving and home improvements

The FCT: Commercial Radio Listener Insights into Travel Executive Summary is available on the
Radio It’s a Love Thing website.
Media contact: Melissa Fleming 0417 499 529 or Judy Shaw 0418 415 965


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