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First radio survey for Ipswich

The first ever radio ratings for the Queensland city of Ipswich will be released today as part of the national regional radio surveys program.
Ipswich, known for its 6,000 heritage-listed sites, is situated 40km west of Brisbane and is one of Queensland’s fastest-growing cities. 
Even though a large percentage of the 230,000-strong population overlaps the Brisbane radio licence area, the survey shows the impact and influence of the local station, River 94.9, owned by Grant Broadcasters.
Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner said the survey would provide reliable data on audience numbers and listening patterns.
“Commercial radio remains the most local of all electronic media and the Ipswich survey simply highlights what we already know - Australians love and rely on their local commercial radio stations to deliver local news, weather and entertainment relevant to the Ipswich area.”
The survey was conducted by Xtra Insights from 3 to 21 October 2017. 
The release of more regular radio surveys across regional Australia is part of a radio industry initiative to increase awareness of the reach of regional radio. 
Wollongong will be the next regional market to be surveyed, with results due out in November.
Ipswich is the 24th regional area to be surveyed in 2017, with the results will be available on the Radio Alive website at 10.00 am AEDT.  
Media contact: Judy Shaw – 0418 415 965.  


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