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Toowoomba radio ratings

Toowoomba’s commercial radio stations will find out the results of the region’s latest radio survey today, which will be just the second to be released since 2000.
The commercial stations in the Queensland market are hits and old school station hit100.7 Darling Downs (formerly Hot FM), classic hits and talk station 4WK, Triple M Darling Downs (formerly 4GR), and 80s, 90s and now station 4AK.
Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Joan Warner said the survey involved 1200 respondents and was conducted by Xtra Insights to measure audience reach and the radio stations and programs listened to most through the week.
“It’s great to see more regular and consistent radio surveys taking place outside the major metropolitan areas because it demonstrates just how important radio services are to people right across regional Australia,” she said.
Toowoomba is in the Darling Downs region and includes the town of Warwick and the University of Southern Queensland. The commercial radio stations in Toowoomba serve a population of more than 203,000 people aged 10+.
The last survey for Toowoomba was released in 2016, after the commercial radio industry introduced an improved and more cost-effective method of undertaking regional radio surveys.
The ratings results will be released at 11am AEST and published on the Radio Alive website.
Data from all the regional surveys is available to media agencies online through the Frequency Regional Radio ratings analyser tool.
Media contact: Judy Shaw - 0418 415 965 and Melissa Fleming – 0417 499 529 


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