New market insights for radio advertisers

More than 100 detailed market profiles of regional and metropolitan commercial radio areas have been released today to stations and advertisers nationwide to provide an invaluable reference tool for advertising on radio.

The Commercial Radio Market Profiles, collated every five years, provide details on individual radio markets throughout Australia, including all the commercial stations in the area and various demographic breakdowns. Detailed data tables for each area include a breakdown of age, gender, labour force details, motor vehicle ownership, internet usage, birthplace by region and income brackets of listeners in the area.

The 104 commercial radio licence area profiles have been collated using a range of official data sources, including the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census of 2016, and are based on radio licence areas determined by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). They include the main metropolitan city markets throughout Australia as well as regional radio licence areas.

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner, said the profiles have been designed to help radio stations, advertising agencies, media agency buyers and planners better understand the markets commercial radio stations serve.

“These detailed market profiles provide invaluable information on the size, specific demographic breakdown and the opportunities available, particularly for regional radio,” Ms Warner said.

“The profiles will assist with the planning of effective ad campaigns for specific local areas across both regional and metropolitan Australia. Live and local commercial radio stations are an integral part of local communities throughout Australia.  These profiles will help stations and advertisers to understand their local community.”

The profiles are available to view and download here at www.radioalive.com.au.

Interesting facts

•    Since 2011, Gold Coast (613,250) has overtaken Newcastle (585,815) as Australia’s largest populated regional city
•    Largest licence area market is Melbourne (4,422,340) vs Sydney (4,338,914)
•    Geelong (VIC) has had the largest population growth since 2011 (+18.31%).

(Source: Commercial Radio Market Profiles, 2018)

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