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Commencement Of Digital Radio Transmission In Hobart

Please be advised that Digital Radio Broadcasting Hobart Pty Ltd (DRB Hobart) has been granted Digital Radio Multiplex Transmission Licence No 10501814/1 by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and is scheduled to commence digital radio test transmissions in the Hobart region.  Please refer to the table below for details.

Area Served Hobart
Site address Broadcast Australia site,
Pinnacle Rd, Mt Wellington TAS
Testing period 20 February 2019   to   1 March 2019
Service Commencement Date 1 March 2019 (subject to confirmation)
Maximum ERP 20,000 W
Antenna Height 105 M
ACMA Site ID 32830
Frequency 202.928 MHz
Polarisation V – Vertical linear

During the test period, transmissions may vary in power and/or duration while the system is being tested and any possible interference to existing services is being assessed.
As part of DRB Hobart’s licence requirements, we are in the process of notifying users of radio frequency spectrum in the area including TV and radio broadcasters, health departments, hospitals, ACMA, FTV and local councils.  Please consider this letter your notification.
Test transmissions may cause interference to radio communications equipment or television reception.  In the unlikely event that users of radio frequency spectrum or members of the public experience interference, please email DAB.Reception@sca.com.au
Tony Hudson
Company Secretary
Digital Radio Broadcasting Hobart Pty Ltd
ACN 128 742 709


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