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New Radio Alive campaign promotes return on investment

Commercial Radio Australia has launched a new marketing campaign to promote the high return on investment of advertising on radio.
The peak industry body, which represents commercial radio stations across Australia, is working with national brands such as ALDI, Koala and Liquorland to remind the industry that marketing delivers results.
“Advertising works and brands that invest in radio will be rewarded with a strong return on investment,” said CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner. “Radio offers broad reach and allows brands to maintain their share of voice.”
The radio industry’s national campaign consists of a series of ads featuring high-profile radio advertisers and business success stories such as supermarket group ALDI and fast-growing online furniture and mattress retailer Koala.
Koala co-founder Dany Milham said: “Koala has invested in marketing to build a distinctive brand and radio has been a valuable element of that.”
Radio is enjoying a resurgence in interest with audiences at an all-time high. More than 10.7 million people tuned in to commercial radio each week in the five major capital cities in 2018, reflecting a 12% increase over the past five years and a 22% rise over the past decade.
The new ads were developed by Eardrum and are part of the Radio Alive rebrand aimed at promoting radio as an effective advertising medium.
Click here to listen to the new ads on the Radio Alive website www.radioalive.com.au.
Media contact: Judy Shaw – 0418 415 965
Commercial Radio Australia is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More info: www.commmercialradio.com.au, www.radioalive.com.au and www.digitalradioplus.com.au.


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