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100th regional radio audience survey released

Fieldwork for the survey, the second in Warragul, took place between 9-28 September 2019.  
Commercial radio is the most local of all media, has a strong regional presence and plays a vital role in broadcasting live and local content across Australia, with 220 of the 260 members of Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) based in regional and remote areas.
There have been 19 regional surveys conducted so far in 2019, inclusive of Warragul, with a further six scheduled for the rest of the year in the markets of Geelong, Hobart, Townsville, Albury, Devonport and Burnie. Regional markets surveyed just this year reach more than 2.7 million people aged 10+.
The milestone RRAMS, along with other regional radio surveys (excluding Gold Coast, Canberra and Newcastle), was conducted by Xtra Insights, the industry’s official provider of regional radio surveys. 
Xtra Insights has been the official radio survey provider since CRA introduced a new methodology for regional surveys in 2014 enabling smaller radio markets to undertake consistent and cost-effective audience measurement. 
47 regional radio markets have been surveyed to date representing more than 5.8 million Australians aged 10+. Over 87,000 survey interviews in regional Australia have been completed since 2014, with 107 commercial stations participating in markets including Hobart, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast, Darwin, Cairns and Bendigo.
Stations participating in regional audience measurement surveys have seen benefits of regular surveys with increases to revenue through RRAMS data providing valuable insights into regional radio audiences for advertisers and agencies.
Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Joan Warner said: “Since the introduction of the RRAMS methodology, we are seeing an increased understanding of the power of commercial radio to reach communities in regional and smaller markets. Each RRAMS undertaken provides vital data that benefits regional stations, local and national advertisers and media agencies and allows them to understand how hyper-local regional commercial radio can speak directly to regional Australians.”
The Warragul survey and past RRAMS can be downloaded at www.radioalive.com.au.


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