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Radio welcomes Govt response to digital platforms inquiry

Peak industry body Commercial Radio Australia today welcomed the Government’s response to the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry.
Chief executive officer Joan Warner said the industry looked forward to a speedy implementation of the reforms.
“The Government has responded within their stated time frame, which is an encouraging sign of how seriously they are taking these issues and their intent to bring about change.”
“The industry is very pleased there will be concrete moves towards harmonisation of media regulation, as commercial radio remains one of the most overregulated platforms in the media and communications sector. We hope the “phased” approach does not mean we have to wait years for effective change nor will have to go through another round of inquiries and submission writing.”
“We are supportive of the development of voluntary codes to address the power imbalance.  We look forward to working with the ACCC and other stakeholders to develop a practical and workable code”.
“We also note the Government has specifically stated it will review Australian and children’s content requirements for free-to-air television services. We assume that the heavy local content requirements and associated compliance burden on local radio stations will also be part of any such review in the light of the Government’s stated wish to have a more harmonious and fair media regulation framework that can  be applied across digital and traditional media.”
The commercial radio industry believes the review of advertising restrictions is also timely.
Media contact:  Judy Shaw 0418 415 965 or judy.shaw@commercialradio.com.au


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