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Australian Podcast Ranker releases new Top 10 Publishers list

The Australian Podcast Ranker for May, released today, features a new Top 10 Publishers list as well as podcasts from Audioboom and West Australian Newspapers, who have joined the ranker for the first time.
The UK-based Audioboom offers US, UK and Australian titles, including Casefile True Crime, a cult-hit Australian podcast that deals with well-known murders, and is hosted by an Australian man who remains anonymous.  Australian sales representation for Audioboom is provided by ARN/iHeartPodcast Network Australia.
West Australian Newspapers produces the acclaimed Australian podcast CLAREMONT: The Trial, as well as The West Live Podcast and The Hard Ball Gets AFL Show.
Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Joan Warner welcomed the two new publishers to the ranker.
“The addition of the new Top 10 Publishers list, along with the provision of new data on total monthly downloads and podcast episode numbers provides new detail on the scale of podcasting in Australia and gives advertisers a more complete, independent report to track and compare podcast performance,” she said.
Overall, total downloads of podcasts from participating publishers reached 40.5 million in May, a 20 per cent increase from April.
The Australian Podcast Ranker is an industry initiative and is published by Triton Digital in accordance with IAB Tech Lab’s Podcast Measurement Guidelines.
The results of the May ranker are released at 9.30am AEST and are published here.


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