2016 Public Holidays

Public Holiday


New Year's Day 2016 Thursday, 01 January
Australia Day  Tuesday, 26 January 
Good Friday Friday, 25 March 
Easter Saturday Saturday, 26 March
Easter Monday Monday,28 March
ANZAC Day Monday, 25 April
Christmas Day - as this day falls on a Sunday in 2016, the various States & Territories have either proclaimed a substitute public holiday day on Tuesday the 27th or have proclaimed an additional day on the 27th, whilst also retaining the the 25th as a public holiday.

** Please refer to your local situation. Local links can be faound below.
** Sunday, 25    December 

** Tuesday, 27 December - either substitutes Sunday 25 or in addition to 25 December.
Boxing Day  Mon 26 December   

The above list is not exhaustive and may vary by state or territory. For a full list of public holidays in your state or territory, please click here

The application of public holidays should be read in conjunction with the relevant industrial award.

For more information, please contact David Fuller (HR Manager) on 
or phone (02) 9281 6577.


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