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As a broadcast medium, radio can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anybody. It's up to the minute, up to date and up to you. Without research, the industry would have little idea as to the extent of radio consumption.

Radio uses research primarily to: provide relevant information to advertisers and their agencies so that they, like all product or service users, are able to ascertain exactly what they get for their money; determine the extent, time and place of radio listening by all target audiences and; assess the patterns of listening so station's can improve the product for their listeners.

Strengths of Radio:

* Radio reaches virtually everyone in many environments – at home, in the office, car or even while surfing the Internet.  No matter where people are, radio is there.

* Radio cuts through – it is the medium that people spend most time with through out the day, providing ample opportunity for a message to reach its audience.  People carry out a wide range of activities while simultaneously listening to the radio.

* An anywhere, anytime medium – given radio’s portability, advertisers have the opportunity to reach people on the go, giving them an edge over competitors.  The accessibility of radio enables listening to occur in places that other media may have difficulty reaching, for example you shouldn’t read a newspaper or magazine whilst driving, or watch the television in the shower!

* Targeting – radio allows messages to be tailored and localised to each audience.  Advertisers can target their message to specific demographics and communities, geographic areas, and around events and genres in a market; therefore reducing wasted advertising messages.

* Pulse of the community – people listen to the radio to find out what is happening in their community such as special events, news, traffic updates, weather reports, sport, entertainment etc.  It’s more local than global….the traffic is jammed or the bridge is closed.

* Consistent all year round – radio does not have a noticeable summer audience decline.

* Influential – influences consumers closest to the time of purchase.  Radio is the medium to build top-of-mind awareness.

* Cost Effective – radio offers reach, frequency, impact and economical advertising solutions for advertisers in media value and production solutions.

* Flexibility – urgent, immediate and flexible – radio commercials can be created quickly without the production and delays of other media.  Copy can be produced and revised at short notice.

* Strong call-to-action – radio commercials can be selectively scheduled by day-part and weekday, enabling messages to be delivered close to purchase.  Listeners can act on an advertisers message and participate in station competitions.

* A competitive medium – the growth of national talk and music station networks and growth in off-air promotions has made radio more attractive to national advertisers, and more competitive with national media.  Radio can localise a national or even global issue.





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