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Australian Association of National Advertisers
Representing the advertising communiity on matters of significance with the primary objective to safeguard advertisers rights to "freedom of commercial communication".

Australian Communications and Media Authority
The Australia Communications and Media Authority (AMCA) is a statutory authority within the Federal Government portfolio of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. The ACMA is responsible for he regulation of broadcasting; the internet; radio communications; and telecommunications.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
The ACCC (formerly the Trade Practices Commission) is essentially an enforcement Agency, set up as a statutory body to ensure compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2011. The ACCC is committed to active enforcement of the competition and consumer protection provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2011.

Australasian Performing Right Association
APRA AMCOS was the first copyright collection agency set up in Australia. It has approximtely 3,000,000 composer, lyricist and music publisher members. As part of the worldwide network of similar organisations, APRA also provided local representation for approximately 1 million artists.

Jocks' Journal
Jock's Journal is a source of information for Australian radio announcers, supplying latest news, jobs and gossip.

Media Federation
The Media Federation was formed in 1997 when the business of Advertising Media was unbundled from "advertising agency" to provide more flexible and specialised media services to advertising clients, throughout Australia.

Minister for Communications
Malcolm Turnbull is the minister responsible for the portfolio covering the development of Australia's communications, information technology and cultural industries.

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia
The PPCA is a national, non-government, not-fot-profit organisation representing record companies and recording artists. Anyone playing recorded music (CDs, tapes, records) or music video in public requires a license. The Company grants licenses to radio and TV stations, clubs, hotels, restaurants, fitness centres, shops, halls and danc instructors.

The radioinfo website is an information site for the radio industry.

Radio Today
Radio Today publishes the inside word on all things radio, including breaking news, survey analysis, feature stories, airplay charts and opinion pieces.


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