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Commercial Radio Companies Association - UK
The Commercial Radio Companies Association is the trade body for commercial radio companies in the United Kingdom. It is a voluntary, non-for-profit body.

ESOMAR is the world association of opinion and marketing research professionals. ESOMAR's mission is to promote the use of opinion and marketing research, for improving decision making in business and society, worldwide.

National Association of Broadcasters
The National Association of Broadcaster is a full-service trade association that promotes and protects the interested of radio and television broadcasters in Washington and around the world.

Next Radio (Industry Conference Video Presentation)
Next Radio is an annual radio conference held in London. The conference presentation videos are available to watch and share.

Radio Bureau - New Zealand
The Radio Bureau represents the commercial radio at a national level, in New Zealand. Services include developing radio strategies and developing national advertising campaigns.

Radio Joint Audience Research Limited
RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Limited) was established in 1992, to operate a single audience measurement system for the radio industry - BBC, UK licenses and other commercial stations.

Radio Ink
A US-based publication, which provides educational, positive and actionable ideas for the radio industry.

World Forum for Digital Audio Broadcasting
The Forum is an international non-government organisation. Its objective is to promote, harmonise and co-ordinate the implementation of digital radio services, based in the Eureka 147 DAB system.


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