Planning an effective radio campaign

Radio is far more than a “reach and frequency” medium. As radio continues to innovate, it has  taken full advantage of the online space, using websites, apps and social media as an additional way for stations and presenters to connect with their audience.

In an average week over 95% of Australians are reached by broadcast radio alone. But how exactly does a business plan an effective radio campaign?

There are two essential elements that should be determined before all else:

  1. Who the target audience is (reach);
  2. How often they need to hear the ad to take action (frequency).

Once a business knows who they are trying to communicate with, ratings data can help determine which stations this audience listens to, and equally importantly, when they are listening.

With this information, the creative can be tailored to suit the feel of the selected stations. For example, a voiceover used to deliver the message on a talkback station or perhaps the use of a jingle for a music based station.

Need help determining the best station to reach your audience? We can help you develop a plan to get your campaign on the air.

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