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  • Station 91.9 Sea FM
  • Campaign Type Promotion
  • Timeframe 2 months
  • Target market
  • Station 91.9 Sea FM
  • Campaign Type Promotion
  • Timeframe 2 months
  • Target market
I have met a lot of sunshine coast locals who heard about the promotion, but may not have necessarily tried the beer over the promotion period but have since come into us to try and seek out the barrats brew. The impressive part of that is they knew about us, the sunshine coast brewery, and sea fm their local radio station.   
Greg & Brigid Curran Sunshine Coast Brewery


The craft beer market is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing liquor segments in Australia. The
Sunshine Coast itself has seen the opening of 14 Craft Brewery’s in the past 18 months. Sunshine Coast Brewery the oldest craft brewery on the Sunshine Coast, came to 919 Sea FM looking for a campaign to cement them as a leader in the craft beer category, build awareness of their brands and most importantly sell beer.

Campaign Objectives

Build Sunshine Coast Brewery’s brand awareness in public
  • Build Sunshine Coast Brewery’s demand in outlets across the Coast
  • Increase consumer awareness of Sunshine Coast Brewery’s products
  • Increase sales of Sunshine Coast Brewery’s products

Insights and Solution

After initial consultation with the SCB, we decided to create a beer designed and brewed for the Sunshine Coast. Adam Barrat, one half of the 919 Sea FM Breakfast Team, is an avid beer consumer and volunteered to lend his name to the beer to help out the cause. 919 Sea FM asked the Sunshine Coast what they wanted to drink, was it an IPA or a lager, mid strength or full, heavy hop or a sharp lingering flavour. After a week of taking calls and feedback from the community, it was decided. Taking its influence from the increasingly popular “American Pale Ale” style, at 4.2% this session strength ale was set for a golden summer.
Through the brewing process we undertook a 3 week commercial campaign for Sunshine Coast Brewery educating the market on their offering and venues available. During this period we secured the involvement of 4 hotels and combined their 9 bottle shops located across the Coast to be stockists of BarRat’s Brew along with the Sunshine Coast Brewery as well. This gave the product and the client a great reach across the market allowing more people with the opportunity to sample the product. Towards the end of this campaign we announced that BarRat’s Brew would be available over the bar and in Bottle shops through 5 hotels and 9 bottle shops and we would be doing 5 Friday afternoons where BarRat would shout everyone that was there a BarRat’s Brew for 1 hour.
We launched the beer at The Parklands Tavern with 250 guests that all won entry through calling into the breakfast show the week prior. The launch was a huge success with over 9 x 50 ltr kegs being sold over the following 4 days across the 5 venues.
For the following 4 Fridays, BarRat hosted a Friday afternoon session 5pm to 6pm at the Palmwoods Hotel, Brightwater Tavern, Beerwah Hotel and the Sunshine Coast Brewery. Each venue saw in excess of 250 people, mostly non regular or new customers attend these events to try the beer and meet BarRat.
Throughout this 8 week campaign we ran a commercial campaign promoting the beer itself, and the venues available from. Alongside of this we asked the public to take a selfie of themselves and their BarRats Brew for the chance to win a limited edition BarRats Brew shirt each week.


This social media campaign saw over 1200 engagements proving to be extremely popular.
In its entirety the campaign saw 3,515 litres of beer was sold, the numbers were broken down as follows:
  • 54 x 50 litre Kegs
  • 138 x Cartons of beer
  • 10,651 individual beers sold
  • $80,951 sold