Key Findings from the Infinite Dial Australia 2024 Study
The 8th annual study released by Edison Research highlights that Australian radio and audio continue to thrive, outpacing the world in several areas. The findings show a resilient and robust radio landscape, alongside significant growth in online and digital audio platforms.

  • Radio’s Resilience: Radio in Australia now reaches 81% of the population, with strong engagement across all demographics. This reach is 27% higher than in the US, affirming Australia's strong radio culture. With 8 in 10 Australians aged 12+ tuning in weekly, radio remains a staple in Australian media consumption.
  • Ad-Supported Audio: Australians prefer radio over ad-supported streaming platforms, with five times more Australians listening to radio than ad-supported Spotify. This translates to 14 million more listeners, underscoring radio's dominance in the audio market.
  • Online Streaming: The growth in online streaming is notable, especially among 25–54-year-olds. The number of listeners in this age group has more than doubled in the past three years, showing a shift towards embracing online radio to suit modern lifestyles.
  • Podcast Popularity: Australia leads the world in podcasting, with a 20% increase in listenership over the past two years. Currently, 48% of Australians listen to podcasts monthly, placing the country ahead of the USA in this rapidly growing audio segment.
  • In-Car Audio: Radio remains the top choice for in-car content, with listening rates 76% higher than the next closest audio source. Despite the availability of alternative audio options, traditional radio maintains its stronghold in the automotive environment.
  • Digital Dashboards: Even as more cars become connected with digital dashboards, radio remains the preferred audio choice for Australians. Streaming radio listening in cars has risen by 75% in the past two years, reflecting radio’s adaptation to new technologies.
  • Smart Speaker Adoption: Smart speaker ownership in Australia has doubled in the last four years, now matching US adoption rates. Among smart speaker owners, 65% have used their devices to listen to audio in the past month, indicating a significant shift towards smart, connected audio experiences.
The Infinite Dial Australia explores the overall penetration of audio in Australia, including AM/FM, DAB+, and digital online sources. It also measures Australians' usage of the latest online platforms and technologies. The Infinite Dial Australia report mirrors the Infinite Dial U.S. reports, conducted annually since 1998 by Edison Research, covering a wide range of online digital media topics. The Infinite Dial is the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behaviour in America. This is the eighth annual Infinite Dial Australia report since its debut in 2017, designed for direct comparisons among Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.
Survey Details:
  • Timing: Conducted in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Sample Size: A national survey of 1,719 respondents in Australia aged 12 and older.
  • Data Weighting: Data weighted to national 12+ population figures.
For more information, please email Briony Mclean or John Musgrove.