30 May 2024

Media statement - Bob Rogers

Industry body Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA) has paid tribute to a legend of radio, Bob Rogers, after his death at the age of 97.
“Bob Rogers’ extraordinary radio career spanned 78 years – a remarkable feat and a testament to his talent, dedication, and character,” said Jo Dick, CRA chief commercial officer.
“Bob was the true definition of a radio star – working at some of the biggest commercial stations in Australia, he did everything from music, Top 40, talkback, entertainment, and racing.
“Bob joined Sydney radio station 2CH in 1995 and was on-air until he retired at the age of 93 in 2020 – an incredible achievement.
“We remain in awe of his extraordinary contribution to Australian commercial radio. He leaves a unique legacy, which lives on in the memories and hearts of his listeners, peers and colleagues.”