21 June 2024

Media statement - Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs report

Please attribute to Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA) chair Ciaran Davis:
“Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA) welcomes the recommendation from the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, that the Copyright Legislation Amendment (Fair Pay for Radio Play) Bill 2023 not be passed by the Senate.
“This is good news for the 260 radio stations across Australia that CRA represents, as this Bill would have had dire consequences for our industry.
“Commercial radio provides an essential service to communities across Australia, delivering local content, news and information in a challenging economic and regulatory environment.
“CRA expects that the cap debate can now be put to rest, to allow radio to sustain itself as a critical part of Australia’s media landscape and cultural identity.  
“If there is to be further analysis, the focus needs to be on where the money is going, as we remain concerned that multinational record giants are profiting at the expense of Australian artists and industries.”