GfK is the provider of radio audience measurement in Australia across the five metropolitan markets – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

RADIO 360° will provide a first look at the size of radio’s rapidly growing streaming audiences following the strong uptake in recent years of listening over connected devices such as mobile phones and smart speakers.
The move marks a historic transition to a sophisticated new hybrid measurement system developed by GfK that will provide accurate and granular information on radio listening across all platforms and devices, anywhere, anytime.
Phase one will deliver total, broadcast and streaming audience figures for each radio station across the five major metro markets, giving the industry and advertisers a clear picture of listening behaviour and the size of the digital opportunity.
The second phase in 2024 will integrate podcast metrics to provide a deduplicated view of radio and podcast audiences as well as the release of special reports based on watch data.  The system provides the capability to measure listening spikes based around special events and breaking news in addition to the existing eight radio surveys per year.     
RADIO 360° integrates data from three different sources into one currency:

  • 50,000 surveys per year completed by listeners in geographically and demographically representative households across the five metro markets
  • Measurement of streaming listening over millions of connected devices, with data taken directly from radio station websites, listening apps and server logs
  • Information from a 2,000-person panel of respondents wearing the GfK MediaWatch, a wearable meter that automatically captures information on radio listening when the wearer is in hearing range of a radio station.  Data from the watch is encrypted for privacy and downloaded to GfK daily when users recharge the watch using a wireless docking station.

Major Regional

Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra markets, three surveys are released per year. For 70% of the respondents, GfK uses the sticker paper-diary method to collect the ratings information and utilises Household flooding placement.

E-diary respondents make up 30% of the radio ratings sample. Recruitment of respondents to complete the e-diary is undertaken using online research panels. Using this method of recruitment allows the pre-screening selection of respondents to reflect the spread of population by age, gender and geographic area within each market.

Radio diary participants are geographically selected in proportion to the distribution of the population.

Homes are statistically selected and approached within geographic areas. A "single source lifestyle questionnaire" is enclosed in the diary. The diary contains relevant lifestyle and purchasing habits/intentions relating to the household. Each person selected is required to record their radio listening in the diary for one seven-day period from Sunday through to Saturday. The completed diaries are processed to produce data relating to an average week of the survey period.

For more information, please contact Briony McLean (Research & Insights Strategist) or call 02 9281 6577.