Key findings from the Infinite Dial Australia 2023 study, the 7th annual study released, indicates that Australian radio and audio continues to thrive and is outpacing the world in many audio areas. Radio remains strong and steady with 8 in 10 Australians 12+ listening weekly. 

Australia is also renowned as rapid adopters of new technology and that is demonstrated in the growth of online audio with 81% listening monthly. Podcasting in particular has seen rapid growth in Australia with 43% of listening monthly, a result that now positions us ahead of the USA. 

The seventh annual Infinite Dial Australia survey was conducted by Edison Research in the first quarter of 2023, using a nationally representative sample of 1,576 Australians aged 12+ in metropolitan and regional Australia.  This year a hybrid methodology was introduced with online research being added to the normal telephone interview method. 750 interviews were conducted via telephone and 756 online. 

The research was commissioned by major sponsor CRA, with additional support from LiSTNR and Triton Digital.

2023 topline findings:

  • Australia continues to lead the world in radio listening, with over 79% of People 12+, or around 17 million, listen every week.
  • 18 million Australians, or 81% percent of the total population aged 12+, listen to digital audio monthly, up from 78% in 2022.
  • Monthly Podcast listening has jumped to 43% monthly up from 40% in 2022 and ahead of the U.S. for the first time.
  • Weekly Podcast listener numbers also rose strongly from 33% from 26% year on year.
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) is booming and has tripled its audience since 2020 when it had 10% of people 12+, now reaching 32% or around 7 million.
  • People are rapidly adding Online Radio listening to their listening options growing from 14% of people 12+ in 2021 to 27% this year.
  • Radio still dominates audio in the car. 84% of people who have been in a car in last month listened to AM/FM/DAB+ radio, over double listening to Music Steaming services at 41%.
  • Online listening to AM/FM radio in Cars also growing rapidly and has doubled in the last two years from 10% to 20%.


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