COVID-19 research

GfK COVID-19 Lockdown Study 2020

Prior to the temporary survey pause in 2020, GfK conducted an in-depth analysis of two three-week time periods during Survey 2 2020 to compare listening behaviours prior to lockdown and during lockdown:

  • Weeks 9–11 2020 (23 Feb–14 Mar), three weeks pre-lockdown/restrictions
  • Weeks 1214 2020 (15 Mar–4 Apr), three weeks during lockdown/restrictions

Observations made between the two three-week time periods in 2020:

  • Radio listeners spent an average of 1hr 46min more listening to radio each week compared to the weeks prior to lockdown
  • Nearly 1.4 million more Australians listened to radio at home during COVID-19 restrictions than in the three weeks prior
  • On average, the number of people listening to radio during the COVID-19 lockdown increased, with P10+ average audiences up 193,000 across SMBAP (Mon-Sun 5:3012mn)
  • Time spent listening during key dayparts (Breakfast/Drive) increased by 10min and 12min, respectively
  • Time spent listening in the car declined by 1hr 27min per week, however in-home listening increased by 4hr 3min per week
  • Time spent listening increased by more than one hour between 9am4pm during the working week and more than 35min between 9am4pm on weekends
  • Men spent one and a half hours more with radio and women spent 2 hours more with radio during lockdown
  • Older age groups had significant listening increases during COVID-19, with people 55+ spending 6 hours more per week listening during lockdown, compared to the three weeks prior
  • Share of listening at home increased from 43% to 61% and listeners listened on average for 4 hours longer than the three weeks prior to lockdown
  • Share of listening at work dropped from almost 19% to 15%, however time spent listening at work actually increased by over one hour.


Source: GfK Radio Ratings, All People 10+ across the five capital cities, Mon-Sun 12mn12mn. Comparisons of weeks 911 2020 (23 Feb to 14 Mar) vs weeks 1214 2020 (15 Mar to 4 Apr).

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