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Real Estate

The Real Estate FCT survey investigated the intentions, behaviours and attitudes of regional radio listeners when it comes to renting, buying and investing in property.  The survey which was conducted between 31st January and 23rd February 2018, drew responses of over 1,270 regional radio listeners nationally.

National key insights:

  • 43% of respondents are living in their own home – 6% own their home outright, 37% are paying of a mortgage
  • One in 10 respondents own an investment property. 13% of these investment property owners are seeking a new property manager
  • In the next 12 months, 19% of respondents are planning to buy their first home
  • When it comes to financing a future property, banks (74%) are the most popular option, followed by mortgage brokers (49%) and credit unions (22%)
  • 68% of respondents who are renting do not currently have renters insurance, with only 10% intending to purchase
  • Over two thirds of respondents would be interested in attending an open house if hosted by their local radio station
  • 41% of respondents claimed radio influences their real estate decisions.

For more information, please email Briony McLean (Research & Insights Strategist) or call 02 9281 6577.

This data may not be used for, or in association with, any commercial purposes without Commercial Radio Australia’s prior consent.

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