Radio: Audio With Style – Fashion

The latest Consumer Insights Report is aimed at providing advertisers with further insight into how radio influences the decisions of Australians when it comes to shopping for clothing and fashion in general.

Key national insights:

  • Approximately 3.67M (38%) of Australian commercial radio listeners consider themselves trend setters or ‘fashion forward’ and are influenced by their trusted radio station
  • Of the fashion forward group, 57% are female and 43% are male, with an average household income of $104,000pa
  • Over a third (37%) of the ‘fashion forwards’ said listening to the radio was an essential part of their day, with 42% stating they tune into radio to find out the latest news and what is happening in their city
  • 67% of the fashion forward group spend more than $50 in a shopping centre per week, preferring to shop in-store, or research an item before purchasing it online
  • 38% of fashion forward listeners state they talk about what they’ve heard on the radio.

For more information, please email Briony McLean (Research & Insights Strategist) or call 02 9281 6577.

This data may not be used for, or in association with, any commercial purposes without Commercial Radio & Audio’s prior consent.

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